We have several other horses on the property who are being trained and groomed as future participants in the lesson program at Goose Creek Stables.

Imagine riding bareback off into the sunset, hair and mane blowing in the wind. Nice image, isn’t it? But the reality is that is not going to happen without lessons, dedication, and hard work.


At Goose Creek Stables, our lesson program is suitable for beginner to advanced riders, regardless of age. Our riders span from kindergarten age to retirement.


One of the most important components of our lesson program is that we believe learning horse care is an integral part of learning to ride. Years ago, when our now-adult daughter started riding, we joined several lesson programs only to find that the horses were standing tacked up and ready when she arrived, and at the end of the lesson we simply walked away. Now, that is what some parents want. We, however, wanted our daughter to learn exactly what went in to becoming a real horseperson.


That meant she needed to learn to go out in the field and get her horse, bring it in, and get it ready to ride – well groomed and tacked up – before her lesson was to begin. That meant more time in the saddle for her, too. Certainly we would never expect this of a beginning student rider, but this is the goal as the rider advances.


Although we do regularly take our students to shows, we do not put a strong emphasis on showing. All riders are invited to participate at whatever level they are ready to compete and are interested in.


For some, it may be competing in the show ring; for others it may simply be there to cheer on their barn mates. And before each show, we ask each rider to set her own personal goal for that particular show. Our students may then measure their success at a show by meeting their own personal goal – and not what color ribbon they might take home.

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