Full care includes all of the above, however we provide daily stall maintenance, feed (Hallway products), hay (quality-tested local), bedding, and end-of-day handling. This service also includes yearly (spring or fall) fecal egg float with appropriate deworming based on fecal egg counts, blanket and fly mask service, as well as scheduling and holding for vets and farriers.

Goose Creek Stables offers several different levels of service, from self care to full care. We will be happy to discuss your individual needs when you visit. All boarders are required to provide immunization and de-worming history upon arrival. Immunization and de-worming protocols, as established by Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital (RoodandRiddle.com), are strictly followed. Owners may have their own practitioners provide these services, but documentation is required.




Dry stall, daily turnout in horse-safe paddock or field, morning handling includes dispensing owner-provided feed, and turnout or bring-in depending on season, full use of all facilities, and trailer parking. During the winter, we provide a late night hay drop. Owner provides daily stall maintenance (but we pick up the muck tubs) and all consumables (bedding, hay, and feed).

Boarding Programs

Self Care

• Occasional stall cleaning (perfect for when you
   go on vacation

• Blanket and fly mask service

• Grooming/bathing

• Body clipping

• Exercise rides

Full Care

Self Care A la carte options:

Additional A la carte options:

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