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Who We Are

Since 1828, Waterwild Farm® has pursued its goal of husbanding prime Kentucky land to produce finestock, livestock, and general agricultural products.


Originally the home of famed Standardbred trainer Denton Offutt, in 1883 the farm was acquired by Alexander Carrick who introduced Thoroughbreds to the property. Named Waterwild by Dr. Robert Lee Carrick, the farm triumphed with stakes winners Running Water, Branch Water, and Palm Branch. Upon the death of Spence Summers Carrick in 1978, the breeding tradition came to a temporary halt. Tobacco was king at Waterwild, however, under the management of Cora Spence Carrick.


When Jamie and Madelyn Millard moved back to Lexington in 1993, the restoration of the 1830 hemp plantation home and the equine program started when they acquired their daughter’s first pony – and that was the launch of what is now Goose Creek Stables at Waterwild Farm.

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